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Virtual Assistants are very Important for busy life!

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In a competitive market, iSHA Technology LLC stands out. Their product/service exceeds expectations and outperforms rivals, delivering superior value.

Balance Your Schedule

Balance your schedule by prioritizing tasks, setting realistic goals, allocating time for breaks, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Imagine Virtual Staff

Imagine virtual staff: skilled, responsive, cost-effective. They support your business needs, increase productivity, and offer flexibility in a digital world.
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Forward new normal that evolved from generation is on the runway heading towards streamlined cloud solution.

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Strategize, Execute, Achieve, Measure, Adapt, Succeed.

Save time with qualified assistants

Efficient support, time saved, goals achieved.

Quick formulate your all plans

Set goals, plan, execute, adapt, succeed.

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Forward new normal that evolved from generation on the runway heading toward streamlined cloud solution.

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iSHA provides best Assistants

Our Services & Offers

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Daily Tasks

Daily tasks refer to the routine activities and responsibilities that individuals typically perform on a daily basis to manage their lives, accomplish goals, and maintain well-being.

Online Research

Online research involves using the internet as a primary resource to gather information, data, and knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Management Tasks

Management tasks: plan, organize, lead, control. Set goals, allocate resources, motivate teams, make decisions, assess performance for effective operations.

Data Entry

Data Entry involves inputting, organizing, and maintaining data for decision-making. It ensures accurate records and supports effective management processes.

Event Planning

Event planning includes defining objectives, budgeting, choosing venues, coordinating logistics, managing vendors, promoting, and executing events, ensuring successful and memorable experiences.

Travel Bookings

Travel bookings entail reserving flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities, while managing itineraries and ensuring a smooth travel experience for individuals or groups.

Profiles Handling

Profiles handling involves managing user, customer, or employee profiles, including data entry, updates, access control, and ensuring data accuracy and security.

Personal Tasks

Personal tasks involve daily routines like hygiene, meals, exercise, house chores, budgeting, leisure activities, and self-improvement, contributing to overall well-being.

Website Development

Website development involves designing, coding, and maintaining websites, ensuring functionality, usability, and aesthetics for effective online presence and user engagement.

App Development

App development includes designing, coding, and maintaining mobile or desktop applications, ensuring functionality, user experience, and compatibility for specific purposes.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves using online channels like social media, email, SEO, and PPC to promote brands, products, or services and engage with target audiences.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves optimizing website content and structure to rank higher in search engine results, improving visibility and organic traffic.
balanced life and stay active

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  • Work Efficiency

  • Load Management

  • Power to Prove

Work efficiency maximizes output while minimizing input, optimizing time, resources, and processes to achieve goals effectively and with minimal waste.

Regular Office Employee
iSHA Virtual Assistant
* Task based on upto 12 hours performance.

Load management balances resource allocation, scheduling, and demand to optimize performance, prevent overloads, and ensure efficient use of resources.

Regular Office Employee
iSHA Virtual Assistant
* Task based on upto 12 hours performance.

Power to prove is the capacity to demonstrate competence, authenticity, or credibility convincingly through actions, evidence, or achievements.

Regular Office Employee
iSHA Virtual Assistant
* Task based on upto 12 hours performance.
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iSHA provides best Assistants

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Get iSHA Virtual Assistants for the Business people normal evolved
from generation is on the runway heading towards
Virtual Assistant Services
$6.10 to $8.10 / HO
Upto 160 hours Monthly
Website Development
$11.10 to $14.10 / HO
Upto 160 hours Monthly
$8.10 to $12.10 / HO
Upto 160 hours Monthly
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